Found in the tiny orange diary – 2018

I found these scraps- parchments of ramblings – prose …in a tiny orange diary from last year. They are quite bizarre. Thought about sharing them today… I hadn’t titled them so have just given them titles – ___Chimneys So many chimneys burn around me
They don’t want me climbing
They make excuses for knowing me
For figuring out who I am
I enjoy their meekness
Their knowledge of ‘limited – knowledge’
Their deficit of love
I know…
To them its nothing

What is not said__ Oscar Wilde and Einstein must have said many things
That we don’t know
I know what they didn’t say
Because what is not said after all
Is what needed to be said..Elixer___. Elixer, green, teeth, inbetween,
Horrid, splendor – you and me,
Pink, mosquetos, forsaken,
The nib of my pen,
Take it to the south,
Let it grab you,
Let it kill you,
Alive, dead, dead, alive
Mike, Joe, Isa and five
You, me, me, you
Is always equal to a zeroTrust me__. When men shout
When men shout
When men speak bitter
When men are loud
When the loud one is your own
When your ears don’t accept a tone
Yet they are who you are
They ramble, ramble more
Till the point that you don’t recognize
Your own writing
I’ve learned, it’s painful – to avoid your own sounds
Time does not have a mute button
But the heart is more intelligent,
We don’t give it enough credit,
I’ve learnt to let the heart know,
When to switch on that button –
Trust me, it will save you!a few other drawings :

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