Some personal – raw – RANDOM – artist statements from my sketchbook diary – 2012

Randomness is the core of what I do. Sometimes it’s so random that I get dizzy. I can even die of this dizziness. On one side there’s this form which is a cactus to me, it is filled with different landscapes, sea scapes and all sorts of geography…I took the pieces and joined them…I’ve made a girl sit next to them with a page in her hand but hardly anyone would notice the girl. There’s some sort of quest in this piece, some search, some longing in the process of doing it, it hasn’t been easy…but at times it has pleased me. No great process in nature is easy and pleasing at the same time. Pleasure and pain are best friends…they sing songs and go on long walks together. The world would burst and crack melt and twirl if pleasure missed pain or pain missed pleasure. I’m not sure about the blue it has a kid. My work reminds me of one. I’m an idiot. My work just told me. I walk through jungles and dive into oceans just sitting by my work…..while pleasure and pleasure wait for each other

Then there’s this merry go round on the black sheet…the light is finding its way out…I reached some celestial magic space when painting it. There was music in me and I could die with pleasure. It’s the state of being dazed that I want to hold…the state of going in repeated circles yet pulling of the perfect dance. It’s been long since I got dazed…Except while making this work..

That photo from 1917 grabs my attention for its diversity…And its political nature.. The three men ..British generals…sitting in the front with smirks and sticks. And the way the turban and caps pinpoint the difference of race and color…Plus it’s awe-inspiring that its 100 years old with my grandpa’s cousin in it. It makes me want to preserve it…yet play with the turbans and caps

The photos I was so done with…are black n white photocopies of photos I’ve used and seen over and over in my process of work and in the work! I had them in my journal and friends came and reinforced about how intriguing they are. It was judged as a great direction and a resolved piece… but id no intention of making it a work then…and after that day it became more important for me to declare out loud…that I am done with the old photographs…

The horse painted by nano is an incomplete painting of a beautifully painted talks about my grandmothers skill and the family interest in the glory of a horse. I want to make the horse run somewhere in my work…I don’t know where it will do that..

Bridge on water…An ideal that I’ve been inspired by very deeply since the past three years. Got books on it. Read on it and found out that many like me were intrigued by the concept of a bridge… an impossible connection between two points. A real fantasy…Almost a miracle i.e. being able to walk over water. Ive never managed to paint it or bring it in my work…every time…the books and words close and live within me…don’t know it’ll happen this time or not!

The blue sheet is a nicely colored sheet and I was thinking about using it for the bridge and water…

It’s not fair…

It’s not fair to a book when it happens to me

I see it carrying the weight of all the restless cups of tea …

And the crumbs of toast …fear of color…

Pages sleeping open beneath the warm winter bedding

Sometimes it’s forgotten home and sometimes left in the car

Sometimes ignored and left closed for too long

It’s not fair

I’m sure it swears at me when it’s closed

It’s not fair when a person happens to me

I see them confused and refused

Distant and too close

Bored and enlightened

Irritated and overly pleased

Trying hard to cover steps and hold hands

But blown away by the stupendousness of my stupendous living

There are chances that they can die laughing at their own being for being with me

And also get psychotic over intellectualism, Obsorvism ( yes…I know that’s not a word), impressionism, sham-ism, lame-ism and magnetism

It’s not fair as I see them in too many ‘isms’

You can continue imagining more of these isms in your mind, they start a countless-some-only thunderous years before ‘A’ and end just about some time where there’s no time and no ‘Z’ or count … 

It is all random irrelevant nonsense

It’s not fair when I see them living my tears and knowing my heartbeat

Reaching for my blue sky and driving the four-wheeler that belongs in my diary

It’s not fair for ‘something’ when something happens with me

The books or the people

It’s not fair for me that I happen to them either…

What an unfair world…it is!


Sehr Jalil 



Copyrights; Sehr Jalil 



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medium generally used on the pages; Pens, markers, pencils, acrylic paint, water colors, charcoal pencil, etc